New Team Member Needed!

The TIMC is sadly short one Team Member now, and we are looking for one more person who needs an excuse to get some of their personal history recorded!

Details of the "job":

*You will be assigned one topic a month to complete any way you choose.  It will be due the 3rd Tuesday of every month and published the next day.
*You don't have to include any pictures, but it is extremely helpful. (And nicer to look at!)  Try to include your own pictures, if you can, of your project or of anything to go with it. 
*You must give me the sources of any supplies used or pictures that are not your own.  (Links are wonderful!)
*You can add a little write-up about what you did if you wish.  Not necessary, but it's nice for the readers to see why you did what you did! 
*You are more than welcome to blur/block any images or sensitive information you wish.

If this sounds like something you would like to commit to, send me an email: emils24(at)gmail(dot)com.
In your email please include the following:

*Your name and a little bit about you
*An explanation of why you'd like to be a Team Member
*A picture or file of a challenge you have done

I'm not sure how many applicants I will get, but if I have multiple people who'd like to do it, I need some way to weed it down to just one for now.  I will keep a list of any others interested in case we have future openings.  I will choose and announce the new Team Member on October 1st.

If you are chosen, your first assignment will be due Oct. 16th.

Thank you!

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