Challenge #51—Dirty Laundry

Today’s challenge is all about dirty laundry!  No, not those dirty secrets, but the actual dirty laundry that you always get to wash!

How do you do your laundry?

You can describe how you do it right now or how it’s changed through the years.  You can compare it to how your mother or grandmother do it.  You can take a bunch of pictures of your dirty laundry and make a page describing the steps.  You can even interview an older loved one to find out how they did it a long time ago!

I thought this would be a fun challenge, because doing laundry has come a long way!  I would love to have a detailed list of how my great-grandma did it.  It’s also something that everyone has to do!  (Well, unless you’re so rich you just throw your clothes away after they are dirty…but I’m guessing that even rich people wash their clothes, or have someone else do it!)

Here are a couple of ideas for you:

What Laura did:



What I did:

I mostly wrote about how I do laundry right now, with a little bit of a comparison to how my mother taught me to do it.  (Which, she’d probably have a fit if she knew how I do it!)

laundry copy

Credits: Template (w/embellishments), Scrapping With Liz.  Papers, Cosmo Cricket.  Fonts, SF Slapstick Comic and Pea Lis.


Now I challenge you to record about your (dirty) laundry!

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