Fast Fact Friday #26

For today's Fast Fact Friday, I thought I'd head in a technology direction!  Technology is such an integral part of our lives, and it's always changing, so why not record a bit about it right now.  Who knows, in 20 years looking back at this we may just laugh and say something about how little we had "way back when"! ;)

1.  Which internet sites are you "addicted" to right now?
2.  What electronic device to you use the most?
3.  What games do you love to play on your phone, computer, tablet, etc?
4.  How often (on average) are you looking at some sort of technology?  (Like 2x/hr, 7x/day, 1x/week, etc.)
5.  If you had to get rid of all electronic things, except one, what would you keep?

Take a few fun minutes today and record a little bit about your technology habits!

Here's a quick look at my technology addictions right now...
1.  Pinterest.  I used to only look at it once a week, but I finally put the app on my phone a few weeks ago, and I find myself on Pinterest every time I have a few minutes of free time or sitting. 
2. My smart phone.  Most definitely.  My laptop would be a close 2nd, just because I'm on it a lot to edit photo shoots.
3.  My favorite game right now is Draw Something.  I play it with my hubby and sister, so not too much time on it, but a fun time every now and again.
4.  At least 1-2 times an hour.  Yes, I'd be in sad shape without technology...
5.  Totally my smart phone.  It can do almost everything!

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