Challenge #50—Emergency Experience

Accidents…everyone has them…some are an easy fix, others require a visit to the dreaded ER.  It seems that some people have these visits quite often, and others not as frequently. 

What experiences have you had in the ER?

You can make a list of every time you’ve been there, go into detail on one visit, or do a little of both.  You can record you own experiences at the ER, every time you’ve set foot in one, taking a child to the ER, etc.  You can talk about what you’ve learned from mistakes you may have made (that led you to the ER), talk about feelings (both physical and emotional), or even how frightened you may have been.  It’s okay to focus on sad things for this one, life and people aren’t perfect!  Your loved ones will get a better sense of your human-ness!

If you work in an ER, then you will have to pare this one down quite a bit, but may have some fun stories!  (I’m imagining a top 10 of the funniest reasons people came in, or a list of the most interesting ailments…)

Here are some ideas for you:


What Kim did:

Kim wrote about a scary experience with her daughter, and recorded what she learned from it.

You know how the shopping cart signs tell you not to let your kids sit in the big portion of the cart--well, its actually a really smart rule to follow.


We used to ignore that sign until we had to visit the ER we chose to ignore it.  My kids would always stay sitting down, but of course the one time they don't-- they happen to be in a smaller shopping cart that only goes to the back of their knees. 

My husband was out shopping with my kiddos and had the 2 year old in the big part of the cart.  He found some cute shoes for her and handed them to her to look at.  When he turned around for half a second to hand something to our older daughter my 2 year old stood up because she wanted to try the shoes on and went toppling backwards out the front of the cart.  My husband said it was the worst sound he has ever heard.  Our sweet little girl blacked out and he called 911.  She was alert by the time the ambulance got there, but they still took her to the ER to make sure everything was okay.  Luckily, she was/is okay.  But we make sure to follow the rule of not letting our kids sit in the big part of the shopping cart ANYMORE!

What I did:

I made a  list of every time I’ve been to the ER, and wrote down the visit #, circumstances, diagnoses/procedures, as well as what I learned from it.  Nothing fancy, just a Word document in a table.  When I was done, I printed it off and slipped it in my binder.  Nice, simple, fast and easy! Smile

emergency 1emergency 2

Now I challenge you to record a bit about your ER experiences!

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