Challenge #46—Joys

Today’s topic was thought of by TIMC Team Member, April!  It is something that I’d never thought of recording, but am so glad she suggested it, because this is probably one of the most important topics I’d love for my loved ones to know about me!

What are your 10 greatest joys?

You can do this by simply making a list of the 10 things that bring you the greatest joy.  You can expand on that and even tell why. Or you can go more complex—make a scrapbook page, video record yourself, write a story about it, make it into a song, etc.  So many ways you can record this challenge!  

Of course, you can go broad and generalize your top 10, or you can even narrow it down to the 10 most specific things that bring you joy—like naming each person or specific activity.

Some ideas:
What April did:

April is in the middle of a move, so she went for quick and easy by making a simple list of her 10 greatest joys.  (And that’s the beauty of these challenges, because she can always go back and embellish on her list later!) 
My 10 Greatest Joys:
1- Living a life that is pleasing unto God.
2- Relationships (family and friends)
3- Serving others
4- Art/Creating
5- Learning
6- Achieving my goals
7- Order/Organization/Routine
8- Traveling and then coming home
9- Traditions
10- Early to bed, early to rise 

What I did:

I thought I’d use the other side of my page protector that I used for the last challenge.  Since it has 11 spaces, it fit perfectly!  

joys 1

I actually swapped the sports stuff to the back side so that there was easy access to pull out the cards on this one.  (All but the pen are from Becky Higgins—Turquoise collection and “Design F” page protector.  The papers and cards are all left-overs from my last year’s Project Life album.  Pen, Pilot G2.  Oh and the staples, from my stapler, ha ha.)

I made my list of 10 things pretty broad, then inside each card I wrote a little bit about it.  This is the inside of the “Modern Conveniences” card.  As you can see, I let mistakes stay for the most part unless they are major.  I think it shows character.  Winking smile 

joys 2

And here’s a closer-up look.
joys 3

It’s fairly clean and simple, but I love how it turned out! 

What Kim did:

Kim also just made a list of her 10 greatest joys, though hers is more specific than mine and April’s.  

1. My religion
2.  My husband
3.  My two daughters
4.  My extended families
5. The Book of Mormon
6. My friends
7.  Having a healthy body
8.  Summers in Alaska (Fishing, hiking, camping)
9.  Music
10.  Exercising
------------------------Now I challenge you to go and record your 10 greatest joys!

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inlovehappily said...

I love the project life approach to this challenge!