Changes Are A Comin’…

Yesterday I experienced a lot of emotions.  I think I had a glimpse into what the character George Bailey may have felt in “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  Often I’ve wondered if my blog has done any good in the world or helped anyone.  I am grateful for those who responded with a hearty “YES”!  I feel an overwhelming love being poured out, and thank each one of you for helping me realize that the This Is Me Challenge IS making a difference in your lives and helping you record your story!  So, here’s a big thank you…
thank you card
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me realize that all my work isn’t in vain!
I sincerely appreciate all of you who commented and let me know your thoughts and feelings.  I had no idea that so many of you were struggling to get the challenges done too, so it was good to hear that feedback.  After much contemplation, I’ve decided to keep at the blog, and will keep doing challenges…but things do need to change.  So, here’s what’s going to happen:
The weekly challenges will be no more.  Instead, challenges will come out the first and third WEDNESDAY of each month.  Tuesdays are hard for me with getting my son to preschool, so it’s going to change to Wednesdays.  Many of you mentioned that you were having a hard time finishing the challenges and getting behind, so I hope this helps all of us out.  Less stress for me, more time for you, more time for me—it’s a win, win, win.  I don’t want you getting overwhelmed to the point where you just give up and don’t do the challenges because you don’t have time.  The point of this blog is to HELP YOU, not make you feel guilty.

Fast Fact Friday will continue on each Friday.  Many of you said that this is the only part you have time to do, so if that’s what it takes to get your story recorded, then we will keep doing it.  BUT, I do need some help coming up with questions.  I know it’s only 5 questions, but my problem is that I’m thinking of questions for challenges too and it’s just creating a big, jumbled mess in my brain.  If you want to do anything to help me out, but don’t know how or don’t have tons of time to commit…you can think of 5 questions for a Fast Fact Friday and email them to me.  I will give you full credit and even link to your blog/website if you desire.  Questions can be random or in a theme.  Whatever you want to do!

We are going to be doing some reviewing.  This month challenge #40 is going to be coming out, and for awhile after that one challenge a month will be one that has already been done.  This means that all of you who’ve started and not finished a previous challenge, who haven’t had time, or who are new will have time to catch up and not get further behind. 

I am thinking about possibly opening up the blog for advertising slots on the side.  Any money made through that will then be used to purchase advertising slots on other blogs to help get the word out—I still don’t feel that I should personally be making any money on this.  If you are possibly interested, contact me and we can work something out.  Also, if you haven’t followed the blog  yet, please do so—this also helps get the word out about the TIMC when people look at your profile.  And please continue to spread the word through your blogs, FB, Twitter, Google+, word of mouth about the TIMC.  Let others know, especially your loved ones, that recording your personal history IS important and that it can be easy and fun too!  I have a ton of freebies up my sleeve and as we get more followers I will make those available to you. 

I am grateful to all of you who said you’d be willing to help out in some way.  Right now I am thinking that two or three people helping with advertising and one to help with the FB/Twitter pages would be awesome.  Of course, the advertising part depends on what I decide on that, though just emailing bloggers and letting them know about the TIMC would be a huge help.  Email me (emils24(at)gmail(dot)com) if you would be interested in helping out in either of these areas.  (This of course would not be a paid help…so if you’re looking for a job, look elsewhere! Winking smile

Okay, I think that’s all the changes for now.  Yes, that’s a lot of changes coming.  Thank you again for all your help and support.  It’s nice to know that you love the blog, and that it’s helping you out!  I feel a renewed sense of happiness and love for the blog again already, and am excited for all that’s coming! 


motherbear57 said...

Thanks for the update, I am pleased to hear that you have decided to carry on with some changes. I watch eagerly, and today noticed that I was automatically signed in to the blog when I came for a visit. This is a huge bonus for me - and a welcome change! Keep up the good work, and we will try to keep up with you (at least I will).

Jenny said...

Sounds good! I think these changes will be good for everyone :)