Valentine’s Day Cards {Free Printables!}

So last night I had this idea to make some fill in the blank valentine’s cards for my kids to give to their grandparents this year.  
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Valentines Card 2

Then, I thought, why not make some to share with my wonderful readers at the TIMC too?  Then I figured I’d cover all the bases for any type of person (male or female) who would like a simple, fun card.  There’s room at the bottom to sign it, and I didn’t put anything about v-day on it, so you can use it for birthday, sympathy, just because, etc!

There’s “Girlie” and “Outdoorsman/woman”:
girlie and outdoor preview

There’s “Sporty” and “Techie”.
preview sports and techie

T(w)een boys and girls:
Teens preview

And there’s “Kiddie” too—shown first above and then below.
Plus boy and girl specific, in case you want to give dad a variety.  The kiddie ones all have the same cover.

boygirl preview

These are quite easy to do, just download the kind of card(s) you want, open up any program that takes jpgs, print on cardstock, cut in half horizontally, and fold vertically.   Then fill it in!

Valentines Card 1

TIP*** Make sure you pay close attention to the direction your printer prints.  In fact, I’d do a test run on plain paper so you know how your printer works doing two sides.
You can also cut the parts out you want and glue to another piece of paper, and add more to it like so:

Valentines Card 3

There are two of every kind on one piece of paper, so you’ll get two of each card you print (unless you know how to put one on top of the other kind of like I did in the examples).  This is what the download will look like, front and back:

    V-Day Kiddie 1  V-Day Kiddie 2

I do ask, pretty please with a cherry on top, that you follow the blog via Google Friend Connect on the right or top of the blog.  Think of it as payment for my time! Winking smile  Plus, I promise the more followers TIMC gets, the more freebies YOU get!  (Like the Winter Wonderland Kit when we reach 100 followers.) If you’d like to download these cards, all you have to do is go here. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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