Challenge #39—Grandparents

When I think back to my childhood, I have lots of happy memories.  Some of those fun times include extended family—particularly my grandparents.  So, they are the inspiration for this week’s challenge!

What are some of your favorite memories with your grandparents?

Like always, you can focus your challenge on a whole bunch of different memories throughout your life with your grandparents, or you can select one specific tradition or time and record about that.  Skim the surface or go into detail.  The choice is yours!

What Laura did:

My grandparents were a big part of my life growing up.  I’m fortunate to have one of my grandmothers still alive.  She has gotten to meet and spend time with both of my children, and that is so important to me.

This week I created a layout highlighting some of my favorite memories with my grandparents.  The memories I have with all of them will always stay close to my heart.


And my journaling …


What Rachel did:

I have lots of memories of my grandparents-I could do layouts and share stories all day! I am very close to my grandparents on my dad’s side because they are the only grandparents I've really ever known.

I found a very very basic layout I did years ago of some of my favorite pictures of my grandparents.


(Going clockwise) The top pictures are my grandparents as missionaries for our church. They have gone on at least three mission trips that I know of-New Zealand, Washington DC and Nauvoo Illinois. The next two pictures are when my grandparents had their mission trip in Nauvoo. They would dress up in time period clothes every day and give tours at the church historic homes. My Grandpa also helped with a lot of maintenance stuff-he is very handy! One year my sister and I stayed a couple weeks during the summer with them and learned some of the tours and historic information and presented it to my parents when they came to visit. Another year, my brother, sister, three of my cousins and I took part in the Nauvoo pageant which took weeks of practices and weeks of performances. It was so much fun!! I loved dressing up, spending time with family and wearing makeup for the first time!! It was such an adventure!! The bottom right pictures were taken in SLC, Utah when my cousin and I went out to college. We got to attend the very first session of general conference at the brand new conference center for the LDS church. The bottom left picture is in front of the Washington DC temple with my cousins. My grandparents had a home right across the street from the LDS temple, so we went to visit them and the temple quite often. The middle picture is an older Christmas picture when I was younger and lived on our farm in PA.

What I did:

I had lots of fun little things that I wanted to share, and I wanted to do it in more of a story format.  I decided to just do a video of myself talking about some fun memories with my grandparents using my webcam. 

I’ve never done this before, so I was surprised when I noticed I could upload my video to You Tube.  The thought occurred to me that in your family (like your parents and siblings) you could make your own You Tube channel (private or public), and all tell stories on the challenges and then everyone could see them!  It was easy too—it took a little over 6 minutes to record (which I did in one take), then a couple of minutes to upload to my video on You Tube.   I may just do this more often!

You don’t have to watch this, I promise it’s not that great unless you know my grandparents, but you can watch it if you really want to.  Or if you just want to laugh at me.  It’s all unedited, so there’s a few things to laugh at… Winking smile   I didn’t write anything down, so I may say “um” a few times while I’m trying to think of what to say next.  Oh well…this is me…! 

Now I challenge you record about your grandparents!

P.S.  Remember that more followers=more freebies….so share the TIMC with your friends and family and help them record their story their way too! Smile  I’ve got tons of things up my sleeve and I’m excited to share!

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the worstest mommy said...

Such a great idea! My grandmother lived to be 107 and luckily we did manage to get some of her stories written down before she died. Just the thought that she traveled across the country in a covered wagon was amazing! Btw, I have added one of your Valentine projects to a post I wrote. Hope it send some traffic your way.