Challenge #31—Picking Sides

No, this isn’t a flashback to Elementary School sports!  (Though, that would be a funny challenge to do!)  Did you know that you have a dominant side for all your senses and your brain?  This is not really an important challenge, but more of one that is fun to know! 

What are you dominant sides?

Here are a few things that you can be on the right or left side (Maybe there are more, but this is all I could think of.):

  • Hand (Which hand do you use mostly?  If you’re left handed, you may use your right hand more for certain things just because society had dictated it—like a computer mouse, so be sure to mention those kinds of things.)
  • Brain (If you don’t know, take this little test!)
  • Foot/leg (In board sports, they call it “goofy” if you are right leg dominant!  If you’re not sure, hop on a scooter and the leg that is mostly on the board (not the one you kick with) is your dominant leg.)
  • Eye (Determine your dominant eye using this test if you don’t know.)
  • Ear (When you want to eavesdrop through a door or listen to a whisper, which ear do you use?)
  • Politics  (If you don’t know, check it out here.)
  • A side of the room/car/table/etc. that you always sit on or go to.

You can record all these answers, focus on just one, focus on a few, or focus on just one side!  Also, if you want to do this with kids, I found this great site—it even has a log you can print off for recording your testing results!  You can test your oldest child, then have him/her test the rest of the family, including you!  (Wouldn’t this be a fun science fair project?)

I loved how Laura’s fast and simple layout recorded the things she does with each hand.  And I loved how April recorded all the “right” dominances in her life!  Check out their awesome finished challenges!

What Laura did:

I never really thought about the different ways that I use my hands to do things. I am right-handed, but do use my left hand to do certain things. I could have gone on and on with my lists, but most of the things I do are with my right hand.
I created a layout highlighting some of activities I do using either my right or left hand.


What April did:

I didn’t realize how much I use the right sides of things until I really thought about it. It was fun to think of all the different "rights" that I use in my daily life. It made me more aware of myself and how much I prefer the right. Since a large amount of things I do and the side of my body I use is the right side, I decided to favor the right side of my scrapbook page. I had a hard time deciding how to photograph the "rights" in my life since it is a more abstract concept, but finally decided to take close ups of some of those "rights".

 TIMC - Sides

Credits:  Photoshop brushes: Dot Abstract 1, Sampled Brush 69, Floral 4.  Fonts: Futura

April has so generously created two FREE digital quick pages for you to create your own layout! 

TIMC - Right Side Template TIMC - Left Side Template

(In a jpg format)  Followers of TIMC can download it here for the right side and here for the left side!  Download it quick though, it’s only good for one week!  Thanks, April!

What I did:

I did a really simple scrapbook page.  I found this cute glitter paper from the Die Cuts With a View  “Doodling Around” stack. 

IMG_3522 copy

Since it was mostly done, I just added my titles, a little bling and my writing.  It took me longer to figure out my dominant sides than it did to record about them!  (No your eyes aren’t bad, it’s just a blurry picture…)

IMG_3523 copyIMG_3524 copy  IMG_3528 copy

Credits:  Paper: Die Cuts With a View—Doodling Around stack.  Rhinestones and pearls: Martha Stewart.  Pens: Sharpie (red), Sakura Gelly Roll (black and gray). 

Also, I made a REALLY simple Fast Form this week.  It was one of those topics that there just isn’t a lot to do with it.  Just mark your sides and do any explaining that you want to do!  Et voila, it’s done!  (I don’t call them fast for nothing!)

This Is Me Challenge Fast Form--Sides

If you are a follower, you can download it here for free!  All Fast Forms are saved as jpg’s, so you can import them into any program to print them off, or add to a digital scrapbook page!  If you’re not yet a follower, please go join over on the right or on the top Google bar on the left side.  More followers = more freebies! Smile

Now I challenge you to go and record about what sides you use! 

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