Challenge #32—Bon Apetite!

I love this time of year for many reasons, but probably one of my favorite reasons is that I love to bake!  And with all the holidays just around the corner, I figured we’d all have cooking on the brain!

What do you like to cook or bake?

You can make a list of all the things you love to cook or bake, or things you don’t like to cook or bake!  You can focus on one of your favorite recipes, or discuss your favorite “genre” of food you like to cook (casseroles, Mexican, desserts, etc.).  If you don’t like to cook or bake, you can record why.  You can even tell some disasters you’ve had in the kitchen!  This is an excellent challenge for kids—they can tell why they love to help you in the kitchen or some of their favorite things they like to make with you!

What Kim did:

I actually really like to cook and bake (which would probably surprise most people that know me because I don't do it very often); and unfortunately I'm not very good at it. I tend to make things great the first time I try it and then when I try it again (using the same exact ingredients/recipe) I always kill it somehow.
The foods that I love to cook/bake/make are the foods that I feel I can do without killing them:
Chicken Cordon Blue

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Fruit Smoothies



Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Hmmm... and I'm a personal trainer?!?!?... maybe this is why I don't cook very often; everything I LOVE to cook is unhealthy.) :)

What Rachel did:

I have never been the cook in our family. Growing up my mom and older sister did all the cooking. I was happy to be outside with my dad moving the grass. When I was in middle school I started making chocolate chip cookies which everyone seemed to love, so I kept making them. I even submitted them to our local fair and won a ribbon! 
Over the years, I would just cook minimal things. I’m not big into experimenting or trying new recipes. When I was a single mom of one little boy, we ate a lot of smaller meals because it didn’t make sense for me to make meals by scratch and have tons of leftovers. 
When I got remarried a couple years ago, my husband decided he wanted to be the cook in our family so now I’m blessed to have great, healthy meals that I don’t have to cook! 
One thing I started making over the years for family gatherings is my special Pistachio Watergate Dessert Salad. It’s so simple, quick to make & you can serve immediately if you want to! My son requested it for his 10th birthday last week, so I decided to take step by step pictures of us making the dessert together. We typically have this dessert for holidays, birthdays and any family gatherings. Thank goodness my family loves the one thing I can make! 
TIMC 5 cooking-001
Credits: All paper and embellishments are from the kit “Home Cooked” by Albums to Remember. Pictures by Rachel.

What I did:

I actually love to bake and cook, though it’s not as fun with kids in the way (remember I have 4 young boys) or with their pickiness.  So for me it really depends on the kid’s moods or if they are otherwise occupied.  In fact, one little tradition we have in our house, is that I make dinner at 5 pm, when “Curious George” is on TV, because they all love that show, and I love to cook without them (though one of my twins will sneak out and come watch me cook)!  

I decided to make just a general layout about all this.  (And yes, this is 3 traditional layouts in a row for me!  I’m feeling a trend here…)  I will admit, to do this page, I went through my last two years of Project Life albums and took out the pictures I wanted, then I wrote down the dates so I can reorder them next time I get prints…whatever works, right?  

Credits: Kraft Paper—unknown.  Patterned paper, circle embellishment and tag—SEI.  Twine—The Twinery.  Stamps—unknown.  Ink—Colorbox.  Rub-ons—SEI, Making Memories.  Pen—Sharpie.  Rick Rack—Wright’s.  

For a freebie this week, I created a Fast Form for you.  Hope you can use it.  (If you’re like me, this is how I get my hubby to the challenges because he wouldn’t do them any other way!)  

This Is Me Challenge Fast Form--Cooking

If you are a Google Friend Connect follower, you can download the Fast Form for free right here!  

Now, I challenge you to record about what you love to cook or bake! 

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KimL said...

I love what you did for this challenge. That is a great idea and looks like it will be a really fun memory in the future.