Challenge #13—Health Matters!

This week’s challenge is not as much of a fun one as it is an important one.  You probably know that it really is important for those who come after you to know your health history, even if you are completely healthy in all aspects.  (And if you are, you better believe that you are truly blessed!)

The Challenge:  What are some health challenges you've faced in your life?  What are you currently doing to be healthy?

You can do this challenge in a variety of ways.  You can choose to record your entire health history, good and bad.  You can list some of the health trials you’ve had.  You can talk about just one health issue and focus on all the ups and downs of it.  The choice is yours!

The second part of the challenge can be done anyway as well.  (And no, you don’t HAVE to do this part, but it’s good to get you thinking about what you are doing right, or what you should be working on.)  Don’t forget that health includes more than eating and exercise!  Be sure to think about your sleeping habits, stressors, time to relax, mental, spiritual and social aspects!


What I did:
I made a list in Word of all my health issues I’ve had.  Not every cold, but close!  I also included my broken wrist.  (I’m very blessed in the health department, and VERY grateful for it!)  I also wrote a little bit about each thing, explaining it further in depth. 

Here’s a look at my simple answer this week:

health i

What Lindsey did:
(Aren’t you excited to see something from someone different? I sure am!)  Winking smile

Lindsey made a cute traditional scrapbook layout that gives a hint to her health challenges, and ends up being a pep talk to herself!  I love how she took on a whole different aspect than what I did!  This just goes to show that the “This Is Me Challenge” can be your story, your way!  DSC_0392


Credits:   round journaling spot- creative imaginations creative cafe #183000 journal notebook, paper- dcwv, pen- american crafts black precision pen, green paper- scraps.  the solid color is dcwv, the white background damask is making memories i think, and the other is american crafts, ink- color box chalk

Now I challenge you to go record your health story! 
Remember to mark the box below if you accept this challenge (it helps me to know which kind of challenges you like best!)  Then, when you’ve finished the challenge, come back and mark the box that you finished it—it’s like getting a virtual gold star!  Smile


giddymomof6 said...

This is such a cute blog! And what a great idea. :) I especially love the health issues too. How smart is that, just to have that record.


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