The Idea

Have you ever had an idea come to you that you thought, "Wow, I should do something with this"? And then you try to get on with what you're doing, but the idea just won't go away?

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed, I had an idea pop into my head. I kept thinking more and more about it. As I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, more ideas came. They just kept coming. And by then, I was wide awake. I figured that I could lay there and try to sleep, or I could at least start on my idea so I could go to sleep later. Maybe.

Why did I come up with my idea?

I am quite fond of personal history. I write in my journal everyday, I scrapbook, I blog, I photograph a lot. I want to get all of this stuff down before I forget it. I don't remember things very well--I have to do this so I can have "memories". (Okay, so I'm not THAT bad, but I do like to remember details and what I've done and accomplished.) I really want my parents and siblings to get their personal histories done, so I've been reflecting on how to help them. I had an idea to put one personal history question a week on our private family blog.

So, onto my new, big idea.

I got thinking that there are so many other people out there who want to do better in their personal history, but don't know where to start or how to do it. This is where this blog comes in. I thought it would be fun to have one topic a week, and issue a challenge to anyone who wants to take that challenge to follow through with it.

I know a lot of people have a hard time getting their personal history done for many reasons: there's not enough time, they don't know how to start or what to write. Also, a lot of people get turned off by the fact that they think they HAVE to write it down. That is soooo not true! I want to make these challenges so that they can be followed through in any medium--writing it in a computer document, hand writing it in a journal, taking a picture or two, making a scrapbook page about it, making a short movie about it (most cameras have movie modes nowadays), blogging about it, writing a poem, a song, or whatever else you can think of! And it doesn't have to be the same thing every week, unless you want it to be! Just as long as you get it recorded SOMEWHERE in SOME WAY!

"This Is Me Challenge" is just the name I came up with, not because it's about ME, but about you, and you call yourself me, right? I'm hoping that through these challenges, we can all tell a little bit more about our stories, and so that others after us will be able to know who we really were!

Stay tuned for the first challenge very shortly. But right now, I'm going to go to bed!

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