Challenge #72—Personal Records

Our first challenge of 2014 is finally up!  (Sorry, I’ve kind of been out of the habit, so it’s a day late.  Please forgive me…)

If you read the last post, you know that we are only going to have 4 more challenges and then we’ll be done with new challenges.  So, I’ve come up with four fun challenges that I think and hope will round out anything that we’ve left out.  This one was a bit of a challenge at first for me, but the more I thought about ways to do this challenge, the more excited I got!

What are some of your personal records?

Here are some ways I thought of completing this challenge:

*Record one thing that you’ve done that was a record and tell about it in detail.  Maybe you won a pie eating contest, or did the longest plank at the gym.  It could be something you did a long time ago—like winning a softball throw in 2nd grade or getting a 4.0 your entire high school career. (No, I haven’t done any of those things…these are just examples to get your mind going.)

*Record as many personal records that you remember setting.  (If you can remember all of them, that is a record itself!)  They can be serious records, like miles run in a week, or silly things like the ability to touch your tongue to your nose!  Be creative and think outside the box!

*Record the records you’ve set within a certain time period.  It could be this last year, or during college/high school/summer camp/etc. 

Remember that you can complete this challenge in any way your heart desires!  Write about it, do it in pictures, write a poem or song about it, scrapbook it or any other way you can think of!

What I did:

I decided to record some of my records for 2013.  I thought it’d make a nice little wrap up of my year!  I think I will do this every year too, so I’m going to keep track of some things this year to record about.

I just made a digital scrapbook page of 7 records I set this year.  (I blurred out my kid’s names, just in case you’re wondering what those weird gray marks are.)

records of 2013

Credits: Digital template: Scrapping with Liz.  Patterned and solid papers: Meredith Cardall.  Fonts: Century Gothic (journaling), Bombshell Pro (title), Georgia (year). 

As you can see, this challenge is a fun one! 

Now I challenge you to go and record about some of your records!  Smile

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