One of a Kind—Freebies for you!

A few days ago, we hit 400 fans on the This Is Me Challenge Facebook page!  Yipee!  To celebrate, I made up a few freebies for you to enjoy! 

If you are making an album with your personal history, you may want to download some of these for your album!  You can print them off to put in a physical album or use them digitally.  Whichever works better for how you’re recording your story!

*If you download, please make sure you are a follower of the This Is Me Challenge in some way!  Thanks!

Here’s a peek of what I made.  Just click on the ones you want to download without the watermark.  And yes, I am on a chalkboard kick right now, just like everyone else—it seems to go with anything.  The card that says, “this is ME!” can be changed to any color in your photo editing/scrapbooking software with a paint bucket tool. 

2x3’s (Perfect for a Project Life Album!)

TIMC B 2x3v TIMC A 2x3 TIMC D 3x2v    TIMC D 3x2h TIMC B 2x3h

4x6’s (Slip easily into any album with picture sizes!)

TIMC A 4x6 TIMC D 4x6vTIMC C 4x6a TIMC C 4x6bTIMC C 4x6c TIMC C 4x6dTIMC D 4x6h

8x10’s  (These are perfect for printing off for the beginning of an album, or even for framing and hanging on a wall!)
TIMC E 8x10h         TIMC E 8x10v

I hope you can use some of these in your “This Is Me” album!  Smile 

And a big thank you for your support! 

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inlovehappily said...

Thank you for your generous gift. I am starting to answer all of your challenges for my daughter. I have been following you for over a year now and I am finally starting! I look forward to someday completeing them :)