Challenge # 54

Today’s challenge goes hand in hand with our last challenge where the topic was jobs…now it’s education! 

What educational training have you had?

You can do this in conjunction with the last challenge, just write a longer story if you haven’t already finished it.  You can just focus on any education you’ve had since entering preschool, or just since High School.  If you never had the opportunity for formal training past high school, you can write about how that has affected where you are now (for good or bad), or even record your dreams of going back to school.  If you dropped out of high school and later got your GED/equivalent, you can also record about that.

Here are some ideas of what you could include:

  • Why you chose where you went
  • Any problems you had getting in or getting the classes you want
  • Roadblocks and setbacks
  • Breaks you had/chose to take because of outside factors
  • How you paid for your education 
  • Where you lived
  • Friends and social life
  • Favorite/least favorite classes and professors 
  • Your graduation day and how you felt!
  • Classes/courses you’ve taken to further your education
  • Your philosophy on why education is important to you
  • Goals and plans for future education

Here’s a look at what some of our team members have done!

What Kim did:

Education has always been an important part of my life.

Finishing high school and going to college was never a question for me, it was something I always knew I was going to do.

After high school I went to a two year college and then from there a four year university.

I loved the schools I went to; I loved school and I loved learning.

I graduated with my bachelor's degree, and funny enough, I didn't find a job right off the bat with my education.  I wanted to be a health and PE teacher, but there weren't any jobs open in that area.

So I did a little bit more studying and got a certificate in a related field and became a personal trainer.  A year after having my ACE (American Council on Exercise) certification in personal training I decided I wanted to learn more about health and exercise and got a second personal training certificate from NCCPT (National Council for Certified Personal Trainers ).

Although I love my current job and the fun educational courses I get to continually take to keep my certificates, I do want to actually use my bachelor's degree and teach some day.  I have also contemplated getting a master's degree in education sometime in the future as well.  I really enjoy learning new things and I think education is important and fun!

Didn't have a fun education picture of me going through my education experiences on my computer, but I am proud of my husbands educational experiences too!  So here is a family picture of us at his Master's Graduation! :) 

What April did:

TIMC - Education

TIMC - Education2

Credits:  Photoshop Brush: chalk_brush

What I did: 

Well, I feel like an old fogey because digital cameras didn’t even exist when I was in college, so that means I have to go dig through pictures to find any of me in school.  Well, we are in the process of finishing our basement and our storage room is so crammed that I can’t get to my old pictures right now, so I will have to add pictures to this later…along with about 5 other challenges that I have pictures I need to find…

Here’s the layout in the meantime. 

USU copy

Credits: Template, Scrapping With Liz.  Papers, Nisa Fiin.  Fonts, Century Gothic, Georgia, Cursive Standard. 

Now I challenge you to record all about your educational training!

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