Challenge #47—This Is My Country

Today is one of my very favorite holidays—Independence Day!  And since it’s the USA’s birthday, I thought it’d be fun to focus on what you love about your country, wherever you live!

What do you love about your country?

Are there some specific things that you love about where you live?  Do you love a certain place?  A special tradition?  Something unique and special?  Record all about it, and let your family, friends, and posterity know why you love your country!

Here are a few examples from the TIMC team:

What Kim did:

Well, to be completely honest, I've never lived outside of the United States. Unfortunately, because of this, I know I don't realize how good I have it.

Some things I love about my country:

I can choose to worship how/who I want.
I can choose to work if I want; or be a stay at home mom if I want. 
I can choose to have as many children as I want and to raise my family however I want. 
I can choose what education I want and what career I want to pursue.
I can vote for the leaders of our country.
I love that people in the armed services have devoted their lives and talents to keeping America safe and free.
I love how beautiful it is!

What April did:

I love to travel. I have traveled all over the world. I lived in the third world country of Paraguay for a time and it was then that I truly found out what a blessing it is to be an American. There are so many things that I took for granted before I lived in Paraguay, such as the blessing of hot water at my fingertips, the blessing of having enough to eat - of never going to bed hungry, the blessing of having people who work to keep me safe at all times, the blessing of having a warm place to sleep that is better than a cardboard box, the blessing of having a clean hospital to deliver my children in. My eyes were truly opened and I am forever indebted to my God for the opportunity to live in this amazing country. I'm proud to be an American!

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What I did:

I also made a digital scrapbook page.  I didn’t put any pictures on it yet, because I want to take some specific ones today during 4th of July festivities, but I will update this when I get them on.  Smile   I just wrote a few things down that I love about my country.  I have also had the chance to visit quite a few countries and even lived in France for awhile.  And though I have loved seeing so many beautiful things, I still have a lot of love for my country.  (And a special soft spot in my heart for France too!)

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Now I challenge you to record what you love about your country!

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Sam said...

This is a great post! I have thought about doing a 'grateful for..' page, but I like the Independance Day take on it. It will make me think more about the freedoms I have and the sacrifices made for them. Thanks!