Fast Fact Friday #8

Woohoo!  We made it another week!  Did you enjoy having a week off from a new challenge?  I hope it gave you time to work on previous challenges!

Now on to the Fast Fact Friday easiness and fun...!

This week's theme is restaurants.  I thought of these questions last Saturday when we were eating at my favorite restaurant.  Remember, if you come up with a fun idea for a Fast Fact Friday topic and/or questions for a future FFF, please email me.  (emils24(at)gmail(dot)com.)

 What is your favorite...

1.  Fast food restaurant?

2.  Casual dining restaurant?

3.  Expensive restaurant?

4.  Family-friendly restaurant?

5.  Restaurant that you could go to everyday? 

Here's a look at my answers.  I have to cheat a little bit, because some answers are a tie...

1.  Subway and Wendy's.  Depends on how healthy I'm feeling at the moment.
2.  Cafe Rio  (It's a fresh-mex place in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona.  They may be expanding more soon--a lot like Chipotle which I also love!)  Rumbi's is also very high on the list.
3.  Local--Maddox.  Chain--Olive Garden.  I would probably eat there more often if I didn't have to wait 30 minutes to get in and come out with 30 extra pounds. ;)
4.  Chili's.  I was sad the last time I went that the guiltless grill menu was no longer.
5.  Cafe Rio.  Most definitely.  Or Subway.  Or Rumbi's.  Oooh, I can't choose just one!  But in all reality, we go out to eat two or three times a month, so that will probably never happen.

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Sam said...

Love this theme! Soo many choices. I am thinking of making a list and then using my very scientific 'cross-off' method so that I don't have so many ties! Thanks for another fun FFF. :)