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Today we have a guest blogger, Melanie*, a contributor for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog. She has a great perspective on one reason why it's so important to record your story--not just for your posterity, but for healing!   

Mapping Your Goals and Your Dreams

If you are ready to take your life by the throat, and when you are tired of the listlessness that comes with recovering from mesothelioma treatment or the treatment of any other cancer or disease, you may discover that you do not know where to start. After a recovery and even when your prognosis looks bright, you may find that your thoughts feel disordered and vague. When you want to think about your goals and your needs and wants again, take advantage of logging your desires to put you on the right path.

The Benefits of Journaling
GoodTherapy.org states that journaling allows you to become more certain about your goals without worrying about all the obstacles that lay ahead of you. You will be able to set your thoughts down in black and white and even if they do not start out completely organized, you will find that you can sort them when they are on the page. You will also avoid forgetting the things that are of importance to you and what you want to remember because they will be written down.

Encouraging Creativity
One of the best ways to achieve your goals is by having an active mind, and creating a log that is completely meant for you to write down all your goals and aspirations. Whether you love to paint, take pictures or collage, you’ll find that the regularity of doing this encourages you to learn more about yourself and will help you to figure out more about the world around you. A log can help you act, and it encourages you to be more interactive while also taking control of your own life. Allow a journal or log to help you find the best way to achieve your goals.

Mapping Dreams
Many people do not talk about their dreams or truly act on them. They think about what they would like to do; however, not in any real sense and after a while forget about them or let their aspirations slip away. This is one way that people defeat themselves, and you’ll find that it contributes a great deal to a general sense of dissatisfaction with your life. When you start blogging your desires, you will find that you are in a place where you have a map. Even if it takes you over some rough territory and even if you are not certain where you are going to end up, it helps.

Think about what your dreams are, and remember that you need to write them down. Whether you do it on a scrap of notebook paper, a leather-bound journal or in a word file on your computer, you have a real reminder of everything that you wish to accomplish.

*Melanie Bowen is an awareness advocate for natural health and holistic therapies for cancer patients. You will often find her highlighting the great benefits of different nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those with illness in her efforts to increase attentiveness and responsiveness on like topics. Here, she will be writing about the benefits of tracking your thoughts and goals—because thoughts are merely thoughts but writing is the first step to taking action, organizing oneself and being proactive.  Find the MCA blog here.

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