Challenge #36—Open Mouth, Insert Foot

We all have them…those moments that we’d rather not remember, but sometimes they’re funny.  Those embarrassing times—eek. 

What are some of your embarrassing moments?

Now, before you go writing off this challenge, you don’t have to write about your most embarrassing, humiliating moments.  You can choose some less embarrassing or funny things—small things you’ve said or done.  Well, you can record your most embarrassing one too if you want! (But I didn’t!)

You can do this in the many different ways of course.  Also, you can approach this challenge by writing a most embarrassing moment, scrapbooking it, writing a poem or a song about it, or heck, you can even write a book about all of them!  Record one embarrassing moment.  Record four.  Or you can just tell something embarrassing that you do regularly!  Here’s a look at what we did!

What Kim wrote on her blog:

Oh joy! The chance to share one of my most embarrassing moments.... I assure you there are many, but this was the first one that came to my mind.

I loved hiking to the top of Timpanogos Mountain in Utah. I tried to do it every year when I was in high school and continued to do so for a couple years afterwards.

My freshman year of college (this makes the story even more embarrassing...I can't believe I am admitting this on a website) I asked a guy that I liked if he'd to go hike to the top with me sometime; he said yes so we planned our trip.

The hike up was amazing. We made it to the top before sunrise and watched in the cold as the sun came up over the mountains east of us. We hiked down to the little lake at the bottom of the back side of the mountain. The date was going great.

About half way back down from the hike it hit me that I really had to go to the bathroom and hadn't gone the whole trip yet. I'd done this hike enough to know that there were a few "restroom" places along the trail. We hiked a little further and finally there was the sign I was looking for. "Restroom ---->".

I excused myself from my date and ran down the trail. When I got the end of the trail there was a big pile of old bricks where it looked like there used to be an actual restroom that had been destroyed. Now is was just a big open area with large bricks on the ground.

At this point I really had to go now. I didn't know when else I was going to sneak away from my date. Apparently I didn't go camping as often as I thought I had as a kid, because I had no idea how to squat in the outdoors. I grabbed onto one of the large bricks and squated down. I thought I had done a pretty good job, until I looked down at my pants and realized that I had totally gotten myself... and it was obvious.

On my way back down the "restroom trail" I noticed some mud puddles, so I jumped in them to try and make it look like I had just been puddle jumping.

Honestly... I don't think it had worked.

What April did:

This challenge was harder for me since I really don't have any embarrassing moments. Then my husband reminded me of one embarrassing thing that he teases me about all the time - I talk in my sleep and say really funny things!

TIMC - Embarrassing Moment

April was so generous to create this template to share with you too!  It’s in PSD format (which means you can use it only in Photoshop or Elements).  Click here to download it for free.  Please make sure you’re a TIMC follower, and be sure to thank April for sharing her hard work!

Credits:  Photoshop brushes: default brushes  Fonts: Just one more picture (Journaling),  Freeze! (Title)  All other elements created by April Bird

What I did:

I am REALLY good at embarrassing myself.  Because I’m so good at it, I usually try to block out any memories of embarrassing moments.  There were only three that I could even think of off the top of my head (I didn’t want to dig deeper.)  The first one happened in Kindergarten, the second when I got my first bra, and the 3rd one happened in 9th grade.  I decided to record my first one, because let’s just say my 9th grade one involves a certain time of the month and a jacket tied around my waist.  I have all boys, and don’t really feel like sharing that one with them.  Ever.  Maybe not even the bra one either.

Here’s a look at my more light-hearted embarrassing moment page.  I just typed up the story in Word, printed and cut it out, then glued it to a blank scrapbook paper.  Simple and easy.  Nothing fancy this time. 



Credits: Paper, Die Cuts With a View—Green Stack (Recycled Paper!).  Font, Smiley Monster—Kevin and Amanda.

 Just an update: we just need 19 more blog followers (and 3 more FB fans) so I can release the winter digital scrapbook kit!  Please share the TIMC with your friends and family, and help them get their stories recorded too!  One great way for anyone to start recording is to use the Fast Forms.  Here’s a Fast Form to help with this week’s challenge!  Please remember that freebies are for TIMC blog followers only.  Click on the picture to download.

Fast Form Template--Embarrassing

Now I challenge you to record some (or even just one) of your embarrassing moments!

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