Challenge #25—Nice Wheels!

This week’s challenge is a fun one—and one to bring back some fun memories, I’m sure!

The Challenge: Record the cars you have owned!

The challenge is simple, and you can go into it as much as you want by describing everything about your cars or you can simply make a list of what they were if you’re short on time.  If you have pictures, gather them up, or make a place to put pictures when you find them later!  Video record a walk-through of your current car.

Some ideas of what you may want to include:*Year, make, model (version) and color.
*Miles you put on it.
*Why you got this particular vehicle over another one.
*Places you went in it.  (Roadtrips, around town, commuting, etc.)
*Amentities (Manual/power everything, DVD/CD player, tape deck, seatbelts, manual/auto transmission, type of gasoline, decked out stereo system, 4-wheel drive, towing capabilities, sunroof, leather/fabric/vinyl seats, number of people it could hold, etc.)  *The name you gave it and why.
*Fun things you did in it.
*Accidents you got in with it.
*Close calls or scary times in it.
*License plate number. (Or even add a picture of it!)
*Why you sold it, or don’t have it anymore.
*Upgrades you added to it.
*Repairs, new tires/windshields/batteries, etc.
*How much you paid for it, how much you sold it for.
*Why you love/hate it.
*What you would change about it.
Also, if you want, you can record what your dream car is!

What April did:

“I have a love-hate relationship with every car I have owned. Who's with me?! You can't live with them and you can't live without them! While I don't like all the trouble cars can be, I actually love my car and can barely imagine not owning one. This week's challenge was about the cars I have owned and which one is my favorite. I did a digital scrapbook page showing the four cars I have owned. I was surprised at how quick and easy this page came together! I also made a digital quick page of my layout to download! I hope you enjoy!”

TIMC - Cars

(***If you are a follower of TIMC, you can download the Photoshop PSD file here for one week only!  I left it as a PSD so you can add or take away spots for cars if you need to.  Be sure to give a big thanks to April if you download it!***)

Credits: Photoshop brushes: Tank Pattern Grunge Brush by DieheArt, Splatter Brush (basic photoshop brush), Coy Dreamer Arrow Doodles Brushes (brushes are found on www.brusheezy.com).  Fonts: Bradley Hand ITC TT, Impact, Brush Script MT

What Laura did: 

“In all of my 20 years of driving, I have only owned three cars.  I know, that must be hard to believe, but it is the truth.  My very first car was a Hyundai Excel (hatchback).  It was sky blue and I really liked this car (maybe because it was my first car).  This car got me through a blizzard while driving to NJ to West Virginia back in 1991.  It was a scary trip, but I felt safe in this little car of mine.
My second car was a Geo Tracker (convertible).  This too was also blue, but more of a metallic blue.  I LOVED this car.  This car was fun to drive around it.  I remember the days driving around with the convertible top off and the windows down and blasting/singing to the music in my car.
When I got married in 2001, my husband did not think the Tracker was very safe to drive, so he graciously gave me his 1998 Chevy Blazer (cherry red).  I am still driving it to this day.  It has gotten me through some tough situations, but it has also given me many problems.
I would LOVE a new car right now, but we can't afford anything at the moment.  I wouldn't mind driving a mini-van one day (yes, I am admitting to that).
And, a few years back, I created a layout about the cars that I have driven. “
cars 2

Materials used - cardstock - Bazzill; letters/embellishments - AC Thickers; patterned paper – unknown.

What I did:

I was going through some old pictures a month or so ago for a challenge and came across some of my first car—which is how I got the idea to do this week’s challenge.  I used a left-over page protector and some elements from Becky Higgins’ Project Life kit to put this all together in a flash!  (You can see how I regularly use Project Life here.)  Here’s a look at my layout:

The three cards pull out and open up to display the details of my cars—the year, make model, how it got it’s name, amenities (or lack of), and why we got it/sold it.  

Credits:  Photo sleeve, journaling cards, paper, number stickers: Becky Higgins.  Title stickers: Making Memories (my), Stickabilities (wheels).  Pen: Pilot G2.

Now, I challenge you to go record all about your wheels! 

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Crystal said...

Oh wow, I LOVE that! So cute and creative. Great idea to record all about the different cars we've owned.