Challenge #10--When I was a kid…

I’m sure you’ve all had it happen before. You’re eating your sister’s apple pie innocently enough at some family reunion, then Uncle Harry sits next to you and starts in on his long speech of “how pie was so much better back when I was a kid. Did I ever tell you that when I was a kid, we walked 5 miles to and from school in 3 feet of snow, up hill both ways?” You inwardly groan.

Well, now it’s your turn!

This week’s challenge: How are things different now from when you were a kid?

You will definitely have to do some thinking on this one. (And maybe get your siblings, parents, spouse and friends involved!) Also a good idea is to find some old pictures or albums of you, to jog your memory!

You are welcome to come up with whatever you want, but here are a few ideas I had to get you started:

-Transportation (types of cars, no seatbelts or car seats, gas guzzlers, trains, airplanes, bikes, buses, public transportation, etc.)

-Technology (phones, TVs, movies at home, cameras, computers, video cameras, etc.)

-Food (nutritional value, familiar meals, snacks, drinks, where you ate, meal traditions with your family, etc.)

-Friends (playtime, communication, dating rituals, etc.)

-School (discipline, routines, courses you had to take, homework, etc.)

-Holidays (traditions, what you expected to receive, who you visited, etc.)

-Simpleness of life (not so many things to do, not so many loops to jump through, etc.)

-Sports and other activities (participated to have fun and be involved, competition not as tough, practices, etc.)

-World matters (laws, passports, world issues, government, etc.)

-Styles (big bangs, pegged or bell bottom pants, daisy chains, saddle shoes, etc.)

Hopefully this list will give you some ideas of things to record!


What I did:

First, I made a list of some things that have changed in my lifetime.

Next, I found some old pictures of me, and made a digital scrapbook layout showcasing the pictures and the list I made. Here’s a look at it. I used to be so cute…frizzy, big-banged hair and all!

when I was a kid i

Credits: Digital Template: Scrappin With Liz, Papers: Jessica Sprague (Home Away From Home kit), Fonts: Pea Comfy Cozy (journaling) and Smiley Monster (title): Kevin and Amanda

And because I want to show you how these challenges can be done in different ways, I thought it’d be fun to do a video recording of me talking about some of this stuff. But I didn’t get it done. (It was seriously too gorgeous of weather to be inside any longer!) Booo for me. I’m challenging myself to do the next challenge in some other form than a scrapbook page…!

Okay, now start thinking about how things have changed since you were a kid, and record it!

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