Challenge #59--Personality

It's time for another new challenge!  First of all though, I'm sorry I was a couple days late getting this up.   I had two kid's with science fair projects due Thursday, and I was in charge of our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet last night, so I've been super busy getting everything ready for those...plus teaching in the twin's co-op  preschool, babysitting the neighbor and just all the other things that are involved with being a mom of 4.  Whew.
Well, enough of me, this is about you getting your story written!

How would you describe your personality?  (How would others describe you?)

This one is a fun challenge--I think mostly because those who are not in our immediate circle may not really know our true personalities.  Also, it's fun because I know I think of my personality as being different than other people do.

Remember, you can do this anyway you choose!  Also, don't forget that your personality is as much the bad things and habits as it is the good.  I love it when people are humble enough to admit what they do wrong--it makes them seem more real and human.  :)   If you need some help thinking of what some of your personality traits are, find some good lists here, here and here.

Here are a couple of ideas to get your wheels turning.

What April did:

I have been feeling like I need to change who I am and what my priorities are in my life. I have been studying from an AMAZING man, Kirk Duncan. Kirk loves to help people find the obstacles that they face and show them how to get through them. One of his tools he teaches is a project called "Who I Want To Be". He says this tool is the first and most important step a person can take in their life. I am free to choose what I want to believe and what I want to experience. And my life isn't over; I still have time to adjust, improve, change and build my character and personality. I decide what it is that I am made up of. I choose the skills, the attitudes and the abilities that I have always wanted to have. So in this project, I had to draw an image that resembles me and then place words that I want to be a part of me or who I want to be. I then had to post my collage in a place where I can see it daily and be reminded of whom I want to be. I thought that this project went perfectly with this week's This Is Me Challenge. I choose what my personality is and how I see myself and how I portray myself to others. What an amazing experience this has been! I have learned a lot about who I want to become and saw the strengths that I already have that I want to continue to be a part of me.

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Isn't April just amazingly talented?  I absolutely love what she did!  So unique, and true to her!

What I did:

Well, with my crazy busy week, I just had time to type up a quick answer.   I thought it would be fun to just write a few words that described me, and what better way than to do that, than with the letters of my name?  Quick and simple, plus this would be a fun way to have kids describe themselves too!

E--Energetic.  Though I'm shy around strangers and big crowds, I feel confident and energetic when I'm in familiar surroundings.  I love being happy and showing that energetic vibe!
M--Modest.  I am modest in my dress and manners.  Some would call it up-tight, but I like to think of it more along the lines of moral cleanliness.
I--Impatient.  Something I'm always working on doing better in, but I still have too many moments of impatience with slow lines, bad drivers, when something is too slow for me, or when my kids don't listen to me.
L--Loving.  I do feel that I'm a loving and thoughtful person.  I sometimes don't act on it, but I often think about things I can do for others to show them that I love them!
Y--Yearn to learn.  I love learning new things and am always trying something new whether it be a craft, a skill, or an educational aspect of something.  

Now I challenge you to record a little bit about your personality!  :)

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