Fast Fact Friday #9

I know I say this every week, but I ♥ Fridays!  Well, I love weekends, and Friday is the last day of the week, therefore I love them! ;) 

This week's questions were submitted by TIMC reader, Jill.  The theme this week is travel!  I am getting low on reader question submissions, so if you come up with a fun idea for a Fast Fact Friday topic and/or questions for a future FFF, please email me.  (emils24(at)gmail(dot)com.)  You don't even have to come up with 5 questions--we can have a totally random week where 5 different people come up with 5 different questions!  Wouldn't that be fun!?!

 Finally, on to the questions:

1.  Where is your favorite repeated vacation place?

2.  How long do you like to go on vacation?

3.  Where did you go on your favorite vacation?

4.  Where was your most recent vacation?

5.  If money were no object, where would you like to go?

Here's a peek at my answers.  Ooh, I love vacations!
1.  Probably southern California.  I love the beach, and I love warm.  Plus it's on of the few places I've been to repeatedly. ;) 
2.  One to two weeks.  It depends on where I am and whether I have kids with me or not.  :P  Less than a week doesn't feel like a vacation, and by the end of 2 weeks I'm ready to eat home cooking and sleep in my own bed again.
3.  Hawaii!  I would love to live there, and am so jealous of my friend that just moved there in January.
4.  We went to Las Vegas with the kids over Christmas break.  We're not the gambling type, but there's tons of things to see and do (most for free).  My boys loved hiking in Red Rock Canyon and visiting Hoover Dam the most.
5.  Oh, that's a hard one...it's a 3-way tie between Australia, Tahiti and New Zealand.  Of course, if money were no object I could just go to all three on the same trip, right? ;)

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Laura T. said...

Great theme ... check my blog for my answers.