Challenge #38—Real Beauty

The world today tells us many things. Beauty is one of the things it tells us—we “have” to be this pretty or that thin, or have to look like this movie star or that celebrity.  Well, the reality is that most of us don’t look like movie stars—not even the movie stars!  It’s so sad to see how many women and girls are falling prey to the worldly beliefs that in order to succeed and be happy we need to look like a celebrity.  This clip is a must-see:

True beauty comes from within.  As long as you are happy with yourself, then you are beautiful!  Okay, now I’ll step off my soap box and give you the challenge:

What do you like/dislike about your body?
You can make a list of what you like and don’t like about your body, you can record the details about one thing that you like or don’t like, record what you think your true beauty is, you can do some before and after photos.  You can even set some goals if you’d like!

What April did:

Since being pregnant, I have come to appreciate my body and being healthy so much more! The things that I didn't like about my body before don't seem so big to me now and I would take those small "imperfections" any day! I'm very grateful for my body and have learned to love it for what it is.
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What Kim did:

Had I been asked this question before I got married, I probably could have named a million things that I hated about my physical appearance. Luckily, I have a husband who treats my like I am the most beautiful girl in the world; so I am quite happy and blessed with my physical appearance. 

There are still a couple things that bug me though:
1. I'm not a fan of buying bras that teenage girls buy-- but I still have to.
2. I hate my little toes/toe nails.
3. I feel like my natural hair color is greasy looking.

Over all, I am very grateful for a healthy body. I am a healthy weight. I have two arms that work and have been very handy in sports, outdoor recreation, and playing with my family. I have two legs that can run and jump and help me keep up with my kiddos. My eyes are a color that I like: they are healthy right now and I don't need glasses. They help me see this beautiful word and I am grateful they work. I have a nice smile that I love to use. And I have skin that keeps me all together, and it can get some color (which I am pleased with) and freckles that I've grown to like.

What I did:

I made a simple layout where I touched on the subject of my body image and then listed my likes/dislikes.  I had to poke fun at my large feet—and am seriously thinking about doing a layout just about my feet when I have picture-worthy toes. (My toenails are in serious need of some polish.)  


Credits: Paper, unknown.  Scallop border punch, Fiskars.  Circle punches, EK Success, Marvy Uchida.  Gel pen, Sakura.

I don’t have a Fast Form this week, mostly because I’m sick and just don’t have energy to do anything.  But we are really close to reaching 300 blog followers, and when we do I will have the Winter Wonderland kit for you to download!  

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Now I challenge you to record what you like and dislike about your body!

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