Challenge #29—The Age Game

So, this is a challenge that I didn’t really want to do, but I do want to document my feelings about it at the moment…

How do you feel about aging?

You can go about this in many different ways: record the signs of aging you’re seeing, talk about your feelings for aging, compare how your body is different now than when you were younger, or record why you like getting older and wiser!  Write it, scrapbook it, take some pictures, write a poem…whatever you want to do! 

What April did:

I wanted to capture a single frame of my life's story that would reflect the deep sense of self-awareness I've gained as I've matured. I wanted to show how it's okay to "just be me" and, as simple as that is, I'm happy with that. I was shooting for a simple, fuss-free page that captured my easygoing essence in a personalized way.

TIMC - Aging

April has been so generous in offering this PSD template for you to download!  Followers of the TIMC can download it here for free!  Thanks, April!

What Laura did:

I was going to create a layout for this prompt; however, we have been without power since Saturday at 2:30 PM and only have two lights that are connected to the generator, and neither of those lights are in my scrapbook space in the basement.

This week I'm keeping it simple and just listing my signs of aging and my feelings about aging.

I know that I'm aging because ...

· My patience (even with the little things) has thinned

· Loud noises really bother me (I don't even like to have a loud radio playing in the car anymore)

· My hair is starting to gray (I even had to color it for the first time in my life about a month ago)

· I've been forgetting things (but this isn't something new though)

· Weight it harder to keep off

· My hands are starting to looked aged

· I see lots of crow's feet and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth when I smile or laugh

With all this said, I really don't have a hard time with the aging process (at least not yet).  I'm sure as the years go on, that will change.  There are certain days that I wish I could go back in time to certain periods in my life, but I like where my life is right now.

What I did:

I thought I’d do something completely new and wrote a short poem about the signs of aging that I’m seeing.  Warning: I’m not a poet.

The gray hairs are coming out in droves
I’ve got pimples on my neck, chin and nose

I wake up with aches, stiffness and pains
On hot warm days, and even when it rains

I swear my mind is going crazy
Most of the day I want to be lazy

The kids make me so tired
But awake at 3 am I’m wired

The crows feet, I’m starting to see
I look in the mirror, is this really me?

Right now I’m only thirty four
But I feel my youth ran out the door!

So, um yeah.  My first attempt at post-college poetry…
And I guess it is kind of misleading, because I know age is just a number, and you’re only as old as you feel!  Most days, I’m fine, but once in awhile my age catches up with me—which is what the poem really focuses on.  (Of course, maybe it’s just the four boys that make me feel old. Winking smile )

Also, here is a look at this week’s Fast Form if you are doing those.  I made one version for us older folks who are in fact aging, and one version for the kids who can’t wait to get older.  TIMC followers can download the adult version here and the kid version here(If you’re not a follower yet, please join over on the right or on the top left.)

This Is Me Challenge Fast Form--Aging

This Is Me Challenge Fast Form--Aging Kids

Now I challenge you to record all about aging!

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jenjamin said...

what a great blog. I ran across your blog from MW. I wrote for them a while back but just had my 6th baby in June and had to put lot of thing on hold. I am passionate about journaling and I love all you have here. Great work.