This Is Me: Team Member April

Another new team member!  This next week you’ll be seeing completed challenges from April too.  She is also going to be designing some digital quick pages for us!  Yeah! 

April Photo

“Hello everyone!  My name is April and I live in Provo, Utah.  I have been married for three years to my amazing husband, Richard. We are expecting our first child in February and I am looking forward to being a new mother.  I recently graduated from Brigham Young University in Illustration. I love to do anything and everything art including scrapbooking, crafts, painting, drawing, crocheting, photography, bookbinding, etc. You can check out my website at www.aprilbird.com.

I'm very excited to be a member of the TIMC team. I spend much of my time doing crafts and scrapbooking for others and this will give me the opportunity to do something for and about me. I am also excited to be able to get some of my work out there for others to see and look forward to helping create layouts for all of you to use.”

*And here’s just a quick look at one of the completed challenges she submitted to me as part of her application—I thought it was so cool and unique that I wanted to share it with you too!

You Are What You Love

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