Challenge #20—”You”nique!

Not one single person in the whole entire world is like another.  We all have different physical features, different likes/dislikes, different habits and talents.  Even identical twins are individual and unique!  So, here’s to uniqueness:

The Challenge:  What are some of your funny and unique habits and talents?

In this week’s challenge you can focus on just one funny or unique habit or talent.  You can make a list of every unique thing about you.  You can focus on some of your funny talents.  Complete it how you want to!

This week’s challenge would be a fun one to do with the whole family—get them all together and have everyone write what they think all the other’s funny and unique talents/habits are!  It would be a fun game!

What Kim did on her private blog:
This one happens to connect with my soccer days as well:
In high school we had to jog in place while passing the ball back and forth to a partner for warm ups. It was part of our daily routine.
To this day when I play soccer (which is only once or twice a year now if I am lucky) I still find myself jogging in place when either passing the ball against a wall or to a partner. I've noticed that when I pass it to another person they will look at me like I am crazy because they are just standing there passing it back and forth, but my feet just won't stop jogging!


What I did:
I had a busy week, so I just made a quick list of one thing for each member of my family.  (For the kids, this is just a look at them now—phases if you will—because we don’t really know what cool talents they have yet.)  I am dreaming up a scrapbook layout with a picture graph of each person and one talent and one habit.  Someday…  Here’s a quick look at what I have finished, to give you some ideas of things!  (Or just laugh at...!) Winking smile

Quinn:  Can touch his tongue to his nose!
Emily: Can arch one eyebrow—on both sides!
C: Can make new friends anywhere he goes.  He pretty much tells them his life story in 5 minutes.
T:  Goes from the worst kid that makes us scream to the sweetest, world’s best kid in 2 minutes flat.
R: Has to take his “Dog Dog” stuffed animal EVERYWHERE!  (That thing is nasty.)
C: Can talk like Tarzan on his vowels!


Now, I challenge you to record your “you”niquenesses! 

(And be sure to check the appropriate boxes below!)

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