Challenge #19—It’s About Time

This week’s challenge will have you thinking about time...something we could all use a little more of, right? 

The Challenge:  How do you manage your time?  How has it evolved over time? 

You can approach this in various ways: 
-Record how you have used your calendars, schedules, planners, etc. over the years. 
-Focus on how you manage your time right now with everything you have to do.
-Talk about how your time management (or lack of management!) affects/has affected your life.
-Jot a few things down about why it’s important for you to manage your time.
-How do you waste your time?  What sucks you in?
-You can even recommit to managing your time, and set goals to manage it better.

What Lindsey did:
I haven’t gotten Lindsey’s finished challenge yet, so check back later to see what she did this week! 

What I did:
I decided to try out another feature on My Memories Suite 2.  I made a scrapbook album, showcasing just one part of my answer per page.   Next I used the slideshow feature to make a video to share on here.  Only one problem was that I didn’t use music, since I have none on my computer (sad, I know), which makes the video go way too fast to even see the pages.  Sorry.  (I did set it up in MMS2 to go 10 seconds each, but I think putting it on YouTube screwed it up a bit.   I’m sure it would work if I emailed it to you…)  See the previous post if you’re interested in winning a copy of this software!

Here’s a look at each page individually, just so you can see how cute the products are!  (They are all the free things that come with the program.)


Now I challenge you to go and record how you manage your time!

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