Challenge #4--Playtime!

This week’s challenge: When you have a few minutes or a few days, what do you like to do in your “play” time?

You can share what you do now, what you used to do as a child, or even what you’d like to do when you retire! What has changed or stayed the same? Why do you like to do those things? You can expound on this, or keep it simple! This is a challenge that would be fun to do with kids too!


What I did:

I actually did two parts for this week’s challenge.

For the first part of it, I made a table in a Word document. I wrote the challenge on the top, and made 5 columns and filled in the columns. I’d explain it better, but it’s easier to just see it:

When you have a few minutes or a few days,
what do you like to do in your “play” time?

As a child:

As a teenager:

As a college student:

As a busy mother (now):

In the future I want to:

· Played outside in the sandbox, tree house, and on the swing set.

· Ran races with my brothers and neighbors.

· “House” with my siblings.

· “School” with my siblings.

· Read.

· Played dolls/Barbies.

· Made my brothers think I was tough.

· Drove around with my friends stalking boys we liked.

· Read books.

· Listened to music.

· Watched movies at the theater or at friend’s houses.

· Went to see High School plays that had above mentioned boys in them.

· Went to the mall a lot.

· Hung out at friends dorms.

· Cruised Main Street in Logan.

· Occasionally went out to eat.

· Scrapbooked.

· Went out to the movies or at friends apartments.

· Traveled all over.

· Read books occasionally (too tired from reading textbooks).

· Went on dates with some hot (and some not so hot) guys.

· Slept.

· Crafting.

· Scrapbooking.

· Photography & Photoshop.

· Sewing.

· Decorating my home.

· Read books and magazines.

· Veg in front of the TV or computer.

· Go out with Quinn.

· Watch movies on the sofa.

· Shopping trips without kids. (With kids is not fun.)

· Girl’s nights out, without children.

· Make yummy desserts.

· Travel the world!

· Have more time to do everything on my now list!

· Catch up on all my scrapbooks!

· Have a perfectly decorated home that doesn’t have to be child-proof!

· Have my own photography business.

· Go shopping whenever I want, and as long as I want!

The second part, I expounded on what I like to do now: create things. I made a two page digital scrapbook layout about how I love to create things, and the individual things I take time to do to “play”. I added in some pictures that I already had on my computer of some of those things that I wrote about.

create spread

Credits: Template: Scrappin’ with Liz, Blue circle, and black & white paper: Summertime Designs.


The challenge is now yours! Remember, if you accept this challenge, you can mark the box at the end of the post. When you complete it, mark the other box too! Now…go PLAY! Smile

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