Challenge #9--Once upon a time…

No, this isn’t a fairy tale challenge! But close…enough.

This week’s challenge: Make a timeline of your life!


This does sound hard, but in fact, it is quite easy! Think of the most important dates of your life and just put them in order! I recommend starting with the dates you know in your head already (even if it’s just a year): birth date, HS/college graduation, wedding, children, etc. Start with the big things—the things that really have made an impact on your life! Next, fill in with the smaller things: moving, jobs, religious ordinances, etc. Obviously, the older you are, the more you will have to fill in!

You can type this in a document, make a scrapbook page of it, scan some pictures and turn them into a slideshow with music and dates on them, or write it in a blog.


What I did: I opened up a new Word document and did my timeline vertically as opposed to horizontally in the picture (which I just totally made up for the sake of having something visual on this post). I started with the dates that I knew by heart, even if it was just the month and year. Then I filled in the smaller things that I thought might be important. I saved it in my “This is Me Challenges” folder. I wanted to do it this way, because I can add to it as I go. (Hopefully that will be a long time!)

I am not posting a picture of what I really did, due to the sensitive, personal nature of it. (And I recommend that you don’t publish it on your public blog if that’s how you’re completing your challenges.) Here is a basic look at what mine looks like:

(Date): Born in (City, State)

(Date): Moved from (address to address)

(Date): Started High School

(Date): Graduated from ________High School

(Date): Graduated from _______ University

(Date): Got married to __________ in ___________

(Date): Bought 1st house in _________

(Date): Had first child

(Date): Moved to _______


Now, I challenge you to make a timeline of your life! You might be surprised at how fun it is to see all that you’ve done in your life in one little place!

P.S. I am just wondering if anyone is doing these challenges. There’s a little spot down at the bottom of each challenge to mark if you are going to take the challenge. Then when you finish the challenge, mark the other box. Getting feedback will help me know that what I’m doing is helping you! Thanks! Smile


Shan@FamilyBringsJoy said...

Just found your site today via Becky Higgins on Facebook. So glad I did! One of my goals this summer is to work on my personal & family history. These are great challenges and I appreciate your efforts with inspiring others to do them. Thanks a million!

Holly said...

I just found your site via Becky Higgins on Facebook, I LOVE this idea. I have had almost all of my older family members pass on already and I virtually know nothing about them (I was very young when they died and if I had only known how important this info was or how interesting I would have gathered it all). I love this idea and am going to try and join in. New follower and subscriber too!
504 Main

Renee Weatherford said...

This is amazing - just saw Holly's facebook share (504 Main) and I am so excited to get in on it :) ~ Renee

Sue said...

Found you via Becky Higgins and just wanted to say I love your blog. Just the little prompts I need to do some scrapbooking about me.

Sue said...

Found you via Becky Higgins and just wanted to say I love your blog. Just the little prompts I need to do some scrapbooking about me.

Amber Horn said...

Im loving all these challenges. I have complete 1-6 so far.